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VSAN Mixing SAS / SATA Drives with HPE P420i

Here is the general idea of the issue - with vSAN 6.7~ you cannot mix SAS / SATA Drives when using a P420i Raid controller with a DL360 Gen8. I first thought it was vSAN only, but I also could not create a regular VMFS…

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HPE NC523SFP with VMware ESXi 6.5 Fix

After VMware basically gave up up on this ticket I was able to figure out that if you want to get the NC523SFP 10GBe adapter to work in ESXi 6.5+ you need to manually add this VIB driver, not the one that VMware has listed.

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AWS Snowball Experience

So far the snowball has not been super impressive - Somehow they managed to engineer it to be much wider than 19" so it will only fit into a rack standing up. Who at AWS thought this was a good idea? Here it is "Installed"…

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